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Well, I convinced him to give me a bit more space over here. Otherwise, he'd take it all up talking about universities and quoting John Henry Newman. "There is nothing more noble than the creation of a university . .." Blah Blah Blah. I don't know, maybe he's onto something! Maybe you should decide for yourself:

New Story-in-Progress - May 2016


Seize an Opportunity

We built our time school between groves of lime elms and stands of India beeches, up on a hill, as all great time schools are. Dr Trimble told me he thought that time school could become a symbol of all that is careful and intended in our town. Dr Hui suggested it could be the embodiment of our ambition and forward-thinking, without which we would slip back, she said gravely, “into the archaic quotient of our dark past”.
      So we built the school boldly of neat red and rising sand, the first in bricks and the second in sandstone turrets. When it was complete, it sure seemed to all of us that it looked very handsome. . . .